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Published: 23rd April 2010
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Application packaging (also known as software packaging) is a process used by organisations to standardize the installation of a piece of software to one or more computers allowing for rapid deployment, upgrades and the consistent installation of software.

The process delivers costs savings by allowing organizations to reduce the number of onsite and backend support personnel required to deliver, maintain and support software applications in your environment. At its core, this process breaks down the installation of the software and rebuilds it so that when it is installed on a computer it does not conflict with other applications and installs in a consistent manner and without user intervention.

Application Packaging is designed to place executable applications into a deployable single file or "Application Packaging Services feature streamlined packages to provide quick and easy installation of applications on end-user desktops and notebooks.

Software control and distribution adopts a consistent release management process that helps achieve real value and addresses issues effectively such as Lack of defined processes for deployment, Lack of Pre-Install Quality Assurance, No Standardization, Ad hoc Integration, Self-install Chaos, Lack of Security and Control and Conflicts among packages.

• Developing and implementing licensing schemes

• Creating new Installer kit from scratch

• Creating Patches for Installer after release

• SMS (System Management Server) installers for remote installs for multiple machines

• Universal Installer Creation

• Porting installers from 16-bit to 32-bit or 64-bit

• Upgrading installers developed in old versions to latest version

• Generic installer which has common UI and common frame work

• Helping services group/customer to deploy products at customer site

• Building scenario's for product and test installer

• Instructional material should be provided along the software provides better platform for Application Packaging, Installer, MSI installer software, Software Installer, Package Management System Engineer to discuss and share the things in details on topics like Network Installation, Virtual installation, Silent installation, Software distribution , Application , virtualization, Package management system, Uninstaller, List of installation software, Pre-installed software, Windows deployment system.

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